Apartment Parking

Apartment parking accommodations vary from property to property.  The Houston apartment hunter can expect to find one of the following types of parking situations at every apartment property in Houston.

The number of parking spaces is specified in the lease terms.  Some apartment operators rent additional parking spaces for an additional monthly fee on a space-available basis.  Be sure to ask about the availability of extra parking spaces and extra fees if you own more than one vehicle.

Surface parking used to be the standard, but few Houston apartment properties today offer only surface parking (i.e., “uncovered” parking).

Most Houston apartment operators provide at least one parking space in the lease that is under cover. Apartment communities that provide covered parking usually provide gated secuity as well, although this is not always the case.

Newer Houston apartment properties offer individual parking garages for an extra monthly fee.

The number of parking garages is usually limited. Parking garages are almost always offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Most quality Houston apartments provide a modest number of guest parking spaces.

If you expect lots of visitors, check out the guest parking situation before you sign a lease.